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Our Favorite Winter Activities

Are you and your family stumped about where to spend your winter vacation? If majestic mountains and fun in the snow is your thing, then Winterton Suites in Duchesne, Utah is the place to be! The small town is nestled in eastern Utah in the foothills of the breathtaking Uinta Mountain range. Whether you are searching for a scenic place to spend the holidays or you just want to make the best of the season, Eastern Utah is a place you must explore. There are thrilling activities that are waiting for you.

Skiing the Slopes

Every wintertime, Utah receives some of the best snowfalls in the Western parts of the United States. Duchesne’s legendary landscapes are transformed into a virtual winter wonderland, with an annual snowfall of about 10 inches. No wonder why so many locals and visitors enjoy skiing here! Whether you and your family are veteran ski enthusiasts, or you have always dreamed of conquering the slopes, we offer some of the area’s prime skiing environments.

There are at least eight ski lodges located closely to Duchesne that offer thrilling skiing and sledding experiences for any skill level. When you call ahead, save some cash with some of the lodges’ holiday packages for your business trip. If you do not have your own skiing equipment, our local ski shops have everything you need for a reasonable rental fee. You can also take classes with experienced instructors if it’s your first-time skiing or if you want to increase your skill level.

Cross-Country Skiing

Not all skiers plummet down the sides of icy slopes. You may enjoy an exhilarating hike through the valleys on cross-country skis. You can glide along the paths and be mesmerized by the frozen beauty of our renowned natural wonders. Don’t be surprised if you get a glimpse of a few of our wildlife friends frolicking in the snow. Remember to bring your camera to capture Mother Nature in all her spender.

Snowmobiling at Christmas

How about touring the snowy mountains on the back of a snowmobile? Explore some of our most picturesque slopes and valleys in Eastern Utah. Plus, you can challenge others to a friendly race. You can purchase your mandatory snowmobiling license at the same place where you rent one. The staff will familiarize you with the state snowmobile laws and regulations so that you can be safe and have fun.

Holidays on Ice

You and your family don’t have to be Olympic champions to enjoy some of our best ice-skating rinks. Shine up your blades and experience the thrills of gliding gracefully on the ice. With six ice-skating rinks not far from Duchesne, you are sure to have a memorable afternoon of skating, laughter, and possibly learning something new. When you are finished, warm up with steaming mugs of hot chocolate, which is served by friendly staff members who are eager to help.

Christmas brings out many ice skaters eager to travel the country and see the Christmas lights twinkling. Whether it's a business trip or for pleasure, we have a hotel suite that can accommodate your needs. If your company requires you to travel, then Eastern Utah is a great place to visit.

The Wintertime Hunt

Perhaps you and your friends are hunting enthusiasts and want to plan a hunting expedition this season. Our mountain hideaway in Duchesne features ample opportunity for local and visiting huntsmen. Antlerless deer and elk are open in the early part of the season. Call the Utah Division of Wildlife to get information about hunting laws and area regulations. They can give you seasonal dates for specific game and how to purchase a visitor’s hunting license. Our hotel is close to prime hunting areas, as well as places for meat processing or taxidermy services. Duchesne has local archery and rifle ranges to improve your shooting skills.

Ice Fishing in Duchesne

Did you assume that fishing was only a warm-weather sport? Of course, Duchesne is a seasonal hot spot for anglers across the country. We are located near rivers, streams, and lakes that are famous for their bounty of walleye, perch, saugers, and other game fish. However, you don’t have to wait until summer to use that new fishing gear you got for Christmas.

Ice fishing is a historic past-time in our area and across Utah. Our Division of Wildlife will be happy to give you all the information you need about fishing regulations, licenses, and seasonal specifics. If you are new to ice fishing, why not try it on this vacation? Visit one of our many fishing outfielders to hire an experienced guide. Sledding isn't the only sport around here.

Outdoor Attractions

Do you enjoy watching wildlife and photographing gorgeous landscapes? While you are staying with us in your fantastic suite, be sure to spend some time exploring the natural wonders of Ashley State Park. It's known for its variety of native wildlife, including free-roaming longhorn sheep. Guided hiking and group packages are available for your convenience.

The Fred Hayes State Park at Starvation offers scenic views of the Starvation Reservoir. Each winter, the park sponsors an ice derby at their main boat ramp. Call ahead or go online for information about registration and rules. During the season, the park is open from 9 am to 5 pm daily.

Holiday Shopping Downtown

What would a vacation or even a business trip be without a little shopping spree? Our attractive downtown offers something for everyone. Are you spending the holidays with us? Stroll down our picturesque downtown streets and be dazzled by the annual Christmas lights. Enjoy local hospitality, and find a unique gift for everyone on your holiday list. After an afternoon of shopping, satisfy your appetite at one of our local downtown restaurants. No matter if you are craving burgers, seafood, barbecue, or a buffet, you won’t go home hungry.

After a full day of exploring, you can return to your comfy bed at our hotel Winterton Suites Duchesne. You will get a good night’s rest to prepare you for the next day’s adventures. If the West is calling your name this season, make your reservations with us today! Enjoy a leisurely holiday in our peaceful town. You will probably become one of our many guests who return every year.

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