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Spring Travel In Duchesne County

The Beauty of Spring Travel One of the best times of the year to visit beautiful Duchesne County Utah is during the spring. We recommend bringing warm clothing because the temperature is generally a cool 59 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Duchesne is a small town near three great campgrounds, Jordanelle State Park, Utah Lake State Park and Mountain Shadows RV Park. On the other side of the highway is the Starvation Reservoir State Park. To ensure the best possible trip, we recommend packing all the essentials. Organization is important for any vacation. If you intend to visit for an extended stay, stay with us here at Winterton Suites Duchesne. The accommodations are upscale, luxurious and quaint. Every suite offers the best in relaxation and comfort. There is no accommodation better for an extended stay in a small rural town than Winterton Suites. You will enjoy the mountain bike trails, petroglyphs, sensational fishing, and majestic Uintah mountains. Duchesne County is an ideal destination for families, couples and singles. There is always somewhere fun to go, something special to see and the restaurants are divine. The Best Restaurants Cowan's Cafe is a classic small-town diner offering traditional country fare including burgers, homemade fries and chicken fried steak. The cafe offers friendly service, games for children, comfortable seating and cleanliness. Marion's Variety is a delightful old fashioned gift shop and soda fountain. Visitors can order amazing milkshakes and sandwiches for a nice lunch. The gift shop offers a nice assortment of travel gear, knick-knacks and toys. For anyone interested in an exceptional atmosphere, we recommend Wells Club. Visitors can enjoy a cold beer, tantalizing ribeye garlic burger and simply relax. The bar and grill also have an out of this world reputation for a grilled salmon dinner, bacon blue cheeseburger and grilled cajun chicken sandwich.

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