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Things To Do When Visiting Duchesne

The Best Places to Visit in Duchesne Utah One of the most sensational destinations in Duchesne is Starvation State Park. The park offers a wide variety of activities including: • Sandy beaches • Shimmering turquoise waters • Fishing • Family-friendly • Boating • Archery course • Water sports Starvation State Park is one of the most brilliant jewels of Duchesne. People come from all over the United States for water sports, fishing and boating available in the reservoir. Although the park is often crowded during the summer, the spring months are ideal. There are fewer crowds and the hot weather has not yet arrived. Families can relax on the beach, while anglers try to catch trout and walleye. There are nearby trails for an exciting adventure in an off-highway vehicle. This is where the walleye fishing tournament is hosted every year. Visitors can compete for a trophy by catching a fish as big as 10 pounds or more. The park encompasses 3,500 acres of breathtaking land including numerous coves, incredibly blue waters, and remote beaches. We highly recommend a visit to Starvation State Park. One of the most unique offerings near Duchesne is the nearby Roosevelt Bluebell Corn Maze. The professionally designed maze covers eight acres. Visitors will also enjoy all of the activities available including adorable goats, pumpkin cannons and playgrounds. For anyone interested in something scary, we recommend the Creep Farm trail. Duchesne encompasses a large portion of the Unita Mountains, offering an excellent opportunity for exploring the backcountry. The area is known for offering the most scenic, remote and tallest mountains throughout Utah. Considering Utah is know for gorgeous mountains, this statement says a lot. Two of the most popular activities in the mountains are fishing and camping. We recommend dressing warmly due to the cold nights throughout the year. Anyone unfamiliar with the mountains should seriously consider hiring a guide or joining a tour group to eliminate the possibility of becoming lost. The highest point of the Unita mountains is 13,528 feet and found right in Duchesne. The hike is filled with breathtaking scenery, amazing views and a variety of terrain. There is no way to convey the beauty of the mountains and scenery with words alone. Due to the strenuous nature of the hike, we recommend the adventure for families with experience and older children. The wilderness is known all over the world for the Highline hiking trail in addition to 400 lakes ideal for fishing. The highest peak of the Unita mountains is Kings Peak. Golfers do not want to miss the Roosevelt Golf Course. Professional golfers have rated the course one of the ten best in the entire state of Utah. The course offers sensational benefits including: • There are 18 challenging and unique holes including Red Rock • Water features • High Uinta vistas • Cliffs • Spectacular desert formations • Several fantastic views The Centennial Event Center is consistently providing new activities and events for Duchesne. Both locals and visitors enjoy everything offered. The facility provides an incredible arena, meeting rooms encompassing 5,000 square feet and engaging activities. We recommend checking with the center to see what is available. Some of the community events include: • Tabiona Rodeo • Duchesne County Fair • Altamont Longhorn Days • Neola 4th of July Celebration • The Myton Daze • Uinta Basin in Celebration • Uintah Basin Car Show • Roosevelt Red Mud Run • Holly Fair Utah is one of few remaining places offering the American tradition of outdoor drive-in theaters. Families with children can take a short drive to the Echo Drive-In for a night of old fashioned family fun. This is one of the few drive-ins remaining in Utah. There are several fun activities available near Duchesne. One of the most incredible steam passenger railroads in Utah is the Heber Valley Railroad. The historic attraction offers trains destined for farmland and Deer Creek Lake.

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