I am a huge fan of good customer service. I don’t mind paying extra to get good service. However at this motel you will find great customer service from the reservations to the housekeeping as well as a great price. The rooms are amazing!!! Everything was clean EVEN THE BASE BOARDS! I know because I checked.
Not only was it clean but everything was high quality. It is very hard to find a motel in this area at the last min. It’s disappointing to see that other rooms in the area are the same $$$ and look and feel like a dump!! At this Motel you get MORE then what you pay for. And we all know you don’t find things like that very often. If you ever have the chance to stay here don’t pass it up you wont be disappointed.
Also I loved that there is no front desk to deal with when you get there. Go straight to your room enter your key code and that’s it. Quick and easy. And if you ever have any problems or just a question someone is always available to answer the reservations #. But if the cleaning staff is around you wont even have to call because they are more then willing to help you too. I could go on and on about his place. It was Amazing we will be staying here again for sure! And we were told on our last stay they are getting a pool with the new expansion!
There is no complimentary breakfast which I didn’t mind at all cause Ive never been to a hotel/motel breakfast that I thought tasted good. I loved being able to make pancakes in my own room. Felt like home!  Thank you Winterton Suites you guys are Awesome!

--Camille S. Boise ID


This was a last minute unplanned event and the customer service rep was friendly, courteous and helped me get set up in a great room quickly. The room was perfect for my needs and was equipped with a complete kitchen and every possible amenity. I appreciate the timely and professional assistance of the customer service rep which made a very positive experience even better!

--Ed JEagle Mountain, Utah

I stayed at Winterton Suites in late March 2014, and was very happy with everything I experienced. The rooms are spacious, clean, and have that luxurious lodge resort feel with beautiful wood doors. You get a very personal feel to the place rather than a bland chain hotel. If I wanted to cook, I’d have a full kitchen. Also, construction has begun on a new townhome addition, so this place is going to be even better by summer. Whether it’s a short or extended stay, Winterton Suites is perfect.

--traveled on business, Beau D Nashville, TN

Stayed in March of this year. The rooms are so beautiful. Feels like home. Two of my favorite things about this motel…You can park in front of your room which is so nice when carrying stuff in and out of the car especially if you are traveling with kids. Love the check in process there is no waiting in line to verify information and get a key. Simply enter your key code in the door and that is it. There is not an office on sight but all you have to do is pick up the phone or dial their # and you can reach someone at anytime of day or night. (I also have to say it’s so nice to be treated like someone truly appreciates your business instead of acting annoyed that you need something or are calling with a question)….

--Sara W Denver, Colorado                              

This hotel was super clean, spacious, and the bed was very nice. Even though there is not a front desk open 24 hours the management responded quickly and they were wonderful to work with. It was nice to have a fridge and freezer and items in the kitchen to use. I will come back to this hotel next time I am in town.

--traveled with family Alex J

This place is well worth the money. You are not just getting a room you are getting all the comforts of home and your office with multiple baths showers and beds best place anywhere. You will not be disappointed. the tubs are big enough for the biggest of people. and you get a loaded kitchen. I will not stay anywhere but here.

--traveled on business Dale E

I normally struggle to sleep no matter what motel we stay at. We travel a lot and I never expect to sleep soundly for more than about five hours if the place is adequate. We stayed in the Suites for three nights. I slept soundly 8-10 hours a night! There was no noise, no lights coming through the blinds, no squeaky mattress every time you move, the bed was super nice meaning it was both firm and supportive and at the same time not so hard it made my joints ache from pressure points, and there were several pillows a piece (which is a deal breaker for me with a bad hip needing one for my head and one for my hip). We actually had nice beds for our children to sleep in in rooms of their own with full bathrooms in EVERY bedroom which was perfect for accommodating our youngest at three and our oldest at sixteen. Their rooms and beds were just as nice and clean as ours was. The place was immaculate. Two nice, comfortable, CLEAN couches in the living room meant no one was on the floor. A nice large kitchen with a very nice table and chairs.

The linens were great, the towels were great, and the bathrooms WERE SPOTLESS! These Suites made our vacation so stress free. We were able to let our three year old nap as usual with a bed and room of her own, we were able to get ready in the same amount of time as we usually would because we didn’t have to run one person at a time through one dingy bathroom (with the on-demand water heaters we never ran out of hot water), and felt like we could completely relax in this quiet, clean, no “motel carpet”-all the amenities of home- Suite. It was much more like staying in a condo, NOT a motel. We loved that we could back our vehicle right up to the door instead of having to haul everything in and out, up and down, and could keep our vehicle in site as well. This place was hands down nicer than any other “Suites” we have ever stayed in including Towne Place Suites. We’ll definitely be staying at Winterton Suites again and again.

--Kelly B Huntingdon, Tennessee